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DENVER (KDVR) — Update (March 17): Waldo was found safe and the trailer was recovered in Wheat Ridge. Wheat Ridge police say Waldo seems OK and was the care of animal control until Messer picked him up.

Original (March 16): A local Navy veteran had his truck, trailer and dog stolen.

Randall Messer, a Vietnam-era Veteran, says all three were taken on Friday morning from an Aurora parking lot at the corner of South Parker Road and East Cornell Avenue.

“I was just heartbroken,” says Messer.

The 69-year-old says he had briefly gone into a store, admitting he had left the keys behind on the front seat of his truck.

When he came out of the store, he saw his truck pulling away.

Messer says he gave chase, but to no avail.

“I was ‘hoofing’ as much as I could, but I was out of energy by the time I stopped,” he said.

His truck is described as a white GMC Sierra.

Messer’s dog, ‘Waldo,’ is a 10-year-old black Chihuahua that is microchipped.

“I wish whoever it was would turn Waldo over to the pound or something where I could get him back,” said Messer.

In addition to Messer’s dog, the thief took 11 to 12 tanks of oxygen Messer uses to help him breathe.

Messer says he has filed a police report.