DENVER (KDVR) — A group of people injured during the George Floyd protests in May of 2020 is suing the City and County of Denver in a federal court case that will begin Monday with jury selection.

The consolidated case was initially filed by a few groups of protesters who suffered injuries that they believed were caused by ‘violent crowd control tactics’ during the protests and riots.

They claim police indiscriminately used pepper ball guns, tear gas, flash-bang grenades on the crowd, “all of which inflicted unwarranted and painful injuries.”

The lawsuit claims officers were not properly trained in how to respond to largescale demonstrations.

Some of these claims were corroborated by Denver’s Office of the Independent Monitor, during a review of the incident.

Although the City of Denver does not typically comment on pending litigation, the Denver Police Department has made some changes to its less-lethal force policies and procedures, including prohibiting the future use of 40mm weapons in crowd management situations. The use of sting ball grenades and other flash/bang devices are also prohibited from similar situations.

The Denver Police Department has also enhanced how officers wear and use body-worn cameras.

Officers must also complete a use of force report by the end of their shift when deploying any less-lethal weapons.

The plaintiffs will be asking a jury to hold Denver accountable for use of force techniques utilized by the Aurora Police Department during the protests when APD offered mutual aid.

The case is scheduled to last three weeks, starting with jury selection on Monday.