AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — New data shows traffic deaths are trending up in Aurora and statewide. 

So far this year, Joe Moylan of the Aurora Police Department said they’ve recorded 42 traffic-related deaths in the city, just eight shy of their total in 2022.

“Being at 42 this year is obviously concerning considering we’ve got five months left in the year,” Moylan said.  

In Aurora, he said the top three causes are speed, intoxication and seatbelt use.  

“The vast majority of fatal traffic crashes are preventable, so just paying attention to the road and the people around you, your risk drops a lot,” Moylan said. 

In 2022, the Colorado Department of Transportation recorded the highest number of deaths on state roads following a previous record-high year. CDOT reported 736 deaths on Colorado roads in 2022 and 672 deaths in 2021, the most deaths since 2001. 

“During the summer months we see more traffic-related fatalities involving motorcycles and pedestrians,” Moylan said. “During the holidays is usually when people are celebrating and we tend to see intoxication go up.” 

Moylan said drivers need to hold themselves accountable.  

“When you make the decision to answer a text or drive impaired, it’s not just about you. You’re putting everyone else around you at risk,” Moylan said. 

Aurora Police recently launched a photo speed enforcement pilot program to crack down on speeding in the city, all part of an effort to make the streets safer.