LAKEWOOD (KDVR) — Heads up to those going to Bear Creek Reservoir and Greenbelt as another toxic algae bloom is impacting the park.

These blooms occur when temperatures remain high and for an extended period of time – just like how it has been with record heat Monday and with more triple-digit heat on Friday.

The blue-green algae bloom is in the reservoir and flowing down Bear Creek

Signs are posted to alert park visitors.

Blue-green algae is always present in the water but a bloom means that the growth is excessive and likely producing toxins that can be dangerous to people and pets.

So no swimming, drinking or getting in the water.

Over at Big Soda Lake in Bear Creek Lake Park, there is a minor algae bloom.

Right now not considered a health risk so swimming and paddle activities are still allowed but staff are keeping a close eye on it and if you are headed there be sure to check before going in.