DENVER (KDVR) — Need a fan-favorite dish to bring to a football watch party?

Not every city is the same when it comes to football food. Denver is a particularly quirky city when it comes to football fans because many people come from all over the country.

FOX31 asked viewers about their favorite football snack. As of Friday morning, 134 viewers chose between 14 of the most Google-searched football snacks in Colorado based on Google Trends. Here are the results.

Top-rated football snacks

1. Buffalo wings

Unsurprisingly, Buffalo wings are the fan favorite among Coloradans. Wings take up almost half the vote with 38% choosing the tangy treat over any other football snack.

2. Loaded nachos OR chips and queso, salsa, guac, black bean

Buffalo wings may already be taken for the potluck. If you’re looking for the second-best option, try loaded nachos.

You could also put together chips and dip with food already in your fridge. Both appetizers tied at 14% of voters who preferred loaded nachos or chips and dip for the football munchies.

3. Buffalo chicken dip

Something about Buffalo apps and the Broncos just go together. Be sure to cook extra Buffalo chicken dip, it often goes fast.

Only 7% of voters chose the dip as their top choice, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s the least favorite.

Lowest-rated football snacks

1. Bacon-wrapped dates OR stromboli

Don’t show up with these two items. They were the least chosen football snack at 1%.

2. Sliders/deviled eggs/charcuterie board/spinach artichoke dip/veggie platter

These five appetizers placed second to last with all of them receiving 2% of the votes.

Next time you’re watching football, maybe don’t bring a veggie platter or deviled eggs and save the charcuterie board for a wine night. While spinach artichoke dip and sliders may have been a big hit in your hometown, you might be bringing some home after the Buffs play.

3. Pigs in a blanket

Four percent of viewers picked pigs in a blanket, but the rest of the voters disagreed. Whether you like this snack or not, something about pigs in a blanket doesn’t say “football” in Colorado.

Don’t come empty-handed. Knock with your elbows and bring one of these popular snacks.