DENVER (KDVR) — Whether you just have a sweet tooth or the cooler weather has you craving a fluffy, gooey cinnamon roll, we have you covered.

While there are a large number of places across the state that serve cinnamon rolls, where is the best one?

Where are the best cinnamon rolls in Colorado?

Here is a look at the highest rated places for cinnamon rolls in Colorado, according to Google reviews.

Each place on this list has at least 4.2 stars and 300 or more reviews:

What do our viewers say?

We created a social media post asking people where to find the best cinnamon rolls in Colorado. The post received hundreds of comments.

Here are some of the places most recommended:

A lot of viewers also recommended the cinnamon rolls from the Glen Haven General Store. It will be open during weekends in May, according to its website.