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DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado is preparing for a potentially major snowstorm this weekend. At least one foot of snow is in the forecast for Denver. Some areas could see more than two feet of snow.

While there is still some uncertainty in the snow forecast, how could this storm stack up in the history books?

The top 5 snowstorms in Denver history:

  1. 1913: 45.7 inches
  2. 2003: 31.8 inches
  3. 1946: 30.4 inches
  4. 1982: 23.8 inches
  5. 1885: 23.0 inches

During the top snowstorm in Denver history, which was Dec. 1-5, 1913, there were also some other impressive totals across the state, according to the National Weather Service.

  • Georgetown: 86 inches
  • Estes Park: 53 inches
  • Denver: 45.7 inches
  • Boulder: 43.75 inches
  • Fort Collins: 33.5 inches
  • Colorado Springs: 24.4 inches

During Denver’s second biggest snowstorm in history in 2003, there were also some incredible snowfall totals. Most notably, 87.5 inches in Rollinsville.

This weekend’s storm may or may not make the history books. But, it never hurts to be prepared! Be sure to download the free Pinpoint Weather App to stay updated on the latest developments with this storm.