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LINCOLN COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy who was shot and ambushed while answering a call last week was released from Swedish Medical at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

Deputy Michael Hutton was shot while answering a call about a burglary of a semi trailer just outside the town of Hugo.

He was wearing a bullet proof vest, but none of the bullets hit the vest. He was hit in other parts of his body.

There was a massive manhunt for the suspect that shot Deputy Hutton. That suspect was found dead several hours later.

Officers lined up Tuesday to greet Deputy Hutton during his release.

A deputy with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s office said, “Today is a good day, Mike is coming home.”

Shortly after getting into his police cruiser FOX31 spoke to Hutton. 

“I’m feeling much better now. Just happy to go home,” Hutton said.

The doctor who treated Hutton was surprised Hutton was not more seriously hurt or killed. 

“Just a few millimeters in any direction and we could be talking about a serious injury to the heart, the aorta or the spinal chord,” Swedish Medical Emergency Room Physician Dr. Jared Scott said. 

Deputies and law enforcement officers fought back tears. 

“It’s very strong feelings. I heard the call. I know what happened and I know it could have been something completely different,” said Colorado State Patrol Cpl. Ivan Alvarado. 

Hutton expressed the show of support outside Swedish Medical.

“Unbelievable. Unbelievable to tell you the truth,” said Hutton. 

Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies were afraid he wouldn’t make it. 

“I look at this day we really couldn’t see coming,” said Lincoln County Sheriff’s Captain Michael Yowell.

Hutton continued to express his gratitude as he left for Lincoln County. 

“Thank you for all your support everybody. Thank you everyone. I got lucky. I got lucky,” Hutton said.