DENVER (KDVR) — Thousands of fans in a Facebook group called Denver Nuggets Ticket Exchange have been getting creative to either buy or trade tickets to attend the NBA Finals games.

“You don’t normally see someone trade a $900 whisky bottle for tickets,” said Grady Downing, an administrator for the private Facebook group. “We also have seen a lot of Taylor Swift tickets and then someone was offering her massage trade for tickets.”

One of the people on the page, Hugo Parra, who owns Green HVAC Solutions, ended up using one of his businesses to get his hands on two club-level seats for Game 1 at Ball Arena.

“The tickets would have been $3,000,” Parra said. “The HVAC was a little pricier, so I charged him a tad more, so it worked out for him and me.”

The man with the tickets was Phil Kennedy. He said he became a season ticketholder earlier this year.

“I finally jumped on the bandwagon back in February and became a season ticketholder,” Kennedy said.

Thousands in value exchanged for Nuggets tickets

He said he was trying to avoid scammers and fees through third-party sellers, so he and a friend came up with the idea for a trade.

At first, he said he was debating whether to trade to paint his house and fix his fence. But then he decided it would be better to get his air conditioning unit fixed after it went out last summer.

“We came up with AC because those and tickets are both in the high markup range and sometimes can have unknown fees,” Kennedy said.

Parra said he sent workers from his company to check out Kennedy’s HVAC. Kennedy said within 24 hours, he had a new HVAC, and Parra left with the two club-level tickets.

“I was able to take my dad and my godson to Game 1,” Parra said. “I think I saved $1,000 by doing that.”

Tipoff for Game 3 in Miami will be at 6:30 p.m. Mountain on Wednesday.