DENVER (KDVR) — It’s the season of giving, but is your gift good for the environment? 

Americans waste 23% more in December than in other months of the year, according to the Center for Biological Diversity.  How do you give someone an environmentally friendly gift without signing them up for a commitment or possibly something that they’re not willing to follow through with? 

Joy Fill in northwest Denver has a lot of zero-waste gifting options that will also be a conversation starter.   

FOX31’s Carly Moore got the lowdown on some eco-friendly gifts from Joy Fill Owner Brittany Iseli that anyone on your list will love. 

Green gifting

According to the Center for Biological Diversity, 33% of people who accepted a gift they didn’t like threw it in the trash. 

On top of that, retailers dump about 25% of returned products in landfills.  

“Try to not gift just to gift, so I think about who I’m gifting for and what they might need or what they’re already into. Then I think about, can I make it? Is there something in the store that is sustainable that they would really like that wouldn’t that would be similar to what they’re already using?” said Iseli.  

So, how can you be mindful of that when you’re gift giving and also know that your gift will be a hit?  

Iseli adds that food or homemade gifts are best, she suggests finding things people are already using and buying them a sustainable replacement.  

“I think part of it is not forcing people to have the same values as you but it’s important to make it known that, especially during this time, there’s a lot of waste created. A lot of gifts are given that really weren’t needed or wanted, and are given away or thrown out. So, I try and be really mindful when gift giving,” said Iseli. 


Green wrapping  

According to the Center for Biological Diversity, 4.6 million pounds of wrapping paper is produced each year, and half of that goes into landfill.    

If you’ve done all your shopping and just need to do your wrapping, opt for a sustainable way. 

Iseli recommends using craft paper or newspaper to wrap gifts instead of buying a new roll of wrapping paper.   

If you’d like something more colorful, Joy Fill sells Wrappily’s recyclable and compostable gift wrap, bows, and curling ribbons that are all made from sustainable products.    

“[The gift wrap] comes in three sheets, it’s basically like newsprint but colored. It’s fully recyclable in your curbside, it’s also compostable. [It’s wrapped in] commercially compostable PLA plastic wrap as well. They also have some bows and curling ribbon as well that are fully recyclable. It keeps your gift wrapping fun and exciting without the waste,” Iseli said.

They also have gift baskets that include a thrifted basket, recycled shredded paper, and sustainable gifts that you can choose from. If you spend $100, you can get a free recyclable holiday card as well.  

Sustainable gift ideas

  • Swedish dishcloth
  • Unpaper towels
  • Bamboo dish brush
  • Bamboo hair brush
  • Plastic free scrunchies
  • Bath bombs and shower steamers
  • Compostable lip balm
  • Plastic free potpourri
  • Face products (in a refillable container)
  • Wooden toys
  • Crayons
  • Teethers

All of these are available at Joy Fill.