LONGMONT, Colo. (KDVR) — A village of tiny homes in Longmont will help veterans who are experiencing homelessness. The community, just off Mountain Brook Drive, is made possible by the organization Veterans Community Project.

“This was founded in 2016 by a group of combat vets,” Jennifer Seybold, the executive director of VCP Longmont, said. “They came together in Kansas City to solve some of the community challenges they were seeing for their fellow brothers and sisters.”

Since then, the project has expanded to other cities across the country, including Longmont.

“The success rate they were seeing with vets moving from the villages into permanent housing was 85%, which is more than double the national average,” Seybold said.

The village will be made up of 26 tiny homes. Single residency homes will be 240 square feet and family homes that can sleep up to seven people will be 340 square feet.

Each home is designed specifically for veterans.

“Windows are offset so you’re not peering in your neighbor’s home. Walls are a little thicker so it’s quiet, and then the layout and design of the furniture itself allows the vet’s back to be against the wall and all entrances and everything visible,” Seybold said.

The village also includes a 3,000-square-foot community center that will host work programs, resume building, art therapy and on-site case managers whom veterans will meet with weekly.

“If that’s somebody who needs job training, we’re going to focus on getting them the tools that they need. If it’s someone who has long ignored health concerns, we’re going to connect them with those services, and really all that we do is connect people with those services,” Seybold said.

The goal is to get each veteran ready for permanent housing within two years. The village will be ready for some veterans to move in within the next few weeks.