Time to trim your trees before winter moves in

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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — When it comes to winter prepping, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is your trees. But experts say now is the precise time you need to trim your trees to make them healthy for the winter and the upcoming spring.

It may not be your first choice for something to do this weekend, but you will not regret it. Certified arborist Jay Judd from Davey Tree said now is the time to trim those trees.

”When you get into the dormant season, pruning trees, you’re not worrying about introducing diseases in a dormant tree,“ Judd said.

Fact is, very few trees are indigenous to Colorado so they are going to need all the help you can give them, like the common ash tree.

“This is a good candidate to catch snow in the spring time. We get the heavy wet snows then that’s when you see the most storm damage,” Judd said.

Word to the wise, Judd said, never use a ladder and never climb a tree to get to that just out of reach branch. There is plenty you can do right on the ground.

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