LEADVILLE, Colo. (KDVR) — Rumors of a threat circled around a Lake County school causing a student to be pulled and a search to be conducted on the last week of the school year.

According to the Lake County School District in Leadville, on Wednesday, June 15, a rumor was reported to the staff of Lake County High School that a “list” was made with targeted threats to certain students.

Immediately, administration staff pulled the student who had reportedly created the list and conducted a search both physically and online. Leadville Police assisted the school and conducted interviews to obtain information about the threat.

The list nor a weapon were ever found, but “concerning social media posts” were discovered.

Leadville Police determined the best cause of action was to begin a threat assessment and said the student was suspended. However, the school district said the student was asked to remain at home while they assessed, the action was not a suspension or disciplinary.

Rumors began to spread on Thursday coinciding with the last day of school, so the district added extra security and put the district on a modified secure hold.

As chatter grow, more rumors were being reported by students and the school administration investigated. According to the district, it became clear the rumors, including the one about the gun and list, were unsubstantiated. The district did not believe there was a substantial threat to the school.

“Much of the information was hearsay and not supported by evidence and/or facts,” said Leadville Chief of Police Hal Edwards.

Due to the results of the investigation, police said there was not enough probable cause to place the student under arrest.

Boulder Police dealt with a similar situation on June 2 of a 14-year-old who was arrested for threats made against Casey Middle School.