BRIGHTON, Colo. (KDVR) — An Adams County judge has granted the mayor of Thornton a permanent protection order against a political activist, who had been trolling the mayor online and in person.

Thornton Mayor Jan Kulmann obtained a temporary protection order against Dariush Namazi on June 22, which Magistrate Michael Garlan made permanent Tuesday evening after a five-hour hearing. The judge said Namazi had shown a “reckless disregard for Mrs. Kulmann’s personal space.”

Namazi has spent the past month following the mayor around at city events as MAGA-loving Trump supporter “Danny Kulmann.” He posted videos where he would ask Kulmann questions like, “How are we making Thornton great today? Jan, how do you feel about all these trans people around children?”

What video shows Namazi did

Thornton Police body camera video obtained by the Problem Solvers showed that Namazi would stand close to the mayor whenever he could, even crouching down next to her when she pet a constituent’s dog at a city-sponsored summer concert.

At a June 13 city council meeting, Kulmann said the up-close harassment she felt convinced her it was no longer safe to bring her daughter to city events.

“I’ve been not sleeping. I’ve been not eating. I’ve been trying to just do my job as the mayor, but also my job as a mom,” Kulmann said, minutes after the magistrate agreed to make her protection order permanent. “I am extremely grateful. This has been exhausting on so many different levels.”

Political satirist distance-restricted from mayor, not public events

Garlan told Namazi his order does not prohibit the political activist from attending city council meetings or public events, nor does it limit his free speech, but he must maintain a physical distance of 15 feet from the mayor.

“Well, the mayor is trying to silence me. That’s pretty clear,” Namazi said, who insisted he has never been a threat to the mayor. “Never once will you find any piece of body cam footage where I touched her, where she tells me, please take a step back.”

Kulmann disputed that and said there had been multiple times when she and others had asked Namazi not to invade her personal space.

“I do think that the judge did the right thing. I think this gives the opportunity for people to say what they want to say. Just maintain my personal space for me,” Kulmann said.

Namazi trying to get message out about Thornton’s mayor

Namazi told FOX31 he will abide by the ruling but won’t stop attending city council meetings or public events as “Danny Kulmann” to expose a mayor running for re-election in November, who he said is too extreme for Thornton.

“I would like voters to know Jan Kulmann’s true colors. She is a deep red MAGA conservative, a conservative who supports Ron DeSantis, who supports fighting against the LGBTQ agenda, who supports fracking in our city,” Namazi said.

Kulmann told FOX31 she is a Republican but not a MAGA Republican.

“In fact, I lost a campaign last year because I wasn’t far enough to the right,” she said.

Kulmann lost the Republican primary for the Colorado 8th Congressional District to state Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer, who ended up losing the U.S. House seat to Democrat Yadira Caraveo.

If Namazi is arrested for violating the protection order, he faces a misdemeanor conviction and up to 120 days in jail for a first violation and up to a year in jail for a second violation.