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THORNTON, Colo, (KDVR) — An 18-year-old Thornton High School student is recovering from serious injuries after going to Travis Scott’s Astroworld event.

Angel Dominguez was given tickets to the Astroworld event in Houston by his mother for his birthday. The concert was not the birthday present he expected.

Dominguez, like many other witnesses to the Astroworld tragedy, realized the space for concertgoers was too small for the gathering crowd, according to a lawsuit filed against Scott and Astroworld. Too many bodies in too small a space led to trampling, suffocation and death. Dominguez was among the seriously injured.

“Everything started to unfold I’d say, when about when the show was about to start. Everybody started to crowd in- since there was Travis Scott stage and a stage with the other performers. All the people that were at the stage with other performers, started crowding in on the left side where we were and we were getting pushed into the front metal gates,” Dominguez said.

The lawsuit claims Dominguez experienced shortness of breath and chest pains more than a week after the festival. He was rushed to the ER where doctors discovered he had a collapsed lung from blunt force trauma he sustained during the concert, according to the lawsuit.

Dominguez and his attorney are seeking more than $1 million in damages, and according to the suit plan to use video on his phone as evidence in the lawsuit.

Dominguez is currently recovering from his injuries through monitored medical treatment. He said the experience was mentally taxing as well.