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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (KDVR) — City council members in Englewood passed a new ordinance that bans sitting or sleeping on sidewalks.

According to a release about the ordinance, the city attorney’s office said a person or object that blocks a sidewalk is a form of obstruction that violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. It applies to city sidewalks, streets, stairways, elevators, building entrances or hallways.

Officials said that leading up to this ban, there were several complaints about these issues limiting access to businesses.

However, the release also states where people are still allowed to sleep. This includes sidewalk furniture, like benches and other public property that’s not a right of way, or with the permission of the property owner.

Officials wrote, “Where those experiencing homelessness can and should sleep is a very important issue, but it is outside the scope of the ordinance.”

Though it’s unknown how much these fines will cost, the City of Englewood code states that violating an ordinance is punishable by up to $2,650 or 360 days in jail.

The city will start enforcing the new ordinance on Nov. 5, though the Englewood Police Department said they want to educate people and give warnings before issuing fines.

For more information on the ordinance read the full council communication.