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DENVER — A third formal sexual harassment complaint has been filed against embattled Colorado state Rep. Steve Lebsock at the capitol.

Cassie Tanner, a former legislative aid, has alleged wrongdoing by the representative for months but never filed the official paperwork.

Tanner joined the other two women alleging harassment on opening day of the general assembly session last week.

“I stand by my story. Rep. Lebsock needs to look into his conscience and come to terms with what he has done, and be held accountable for it,” Tanner said in November.

Lebsock for his part denies even being at the event Tanner is alleging in the complaint.

Holly Tarry, a former lobbyist who now runs a consulting firm, and Democratic Rep. Faith Winter have both previously filed formal complaints against Lebsock.

Lebstock has denied any wrongdoing in those complaints as well.

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A complete investigation into Lebsock’s past continues at the general assembly.

Several members have vowed to expel him once the investigation is complete.