Things to do at home during the coronavirus pandemic

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Family Things To Do During Pandemic

Family Things To Do During Pandemic

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DENVER (KDVR) — Plenty of Coloradans will find themselves spending a lot of time at home with their kids over the next few weeks as the COVID-19 pandemic plays out.

If you’re looking for things to do, several bloggers are offering up suggestions.

“Honestly, I would say just enjoy this time with your kids. There’s not a lot of time where we as parents get to sit down and just enjoy each other’s company,” said Ariel Merich, a family blogger from Denver.

Some of the more obvious options are: baking, reading, playing board games/video games and using the time to clean your entire home together.

“We kind of like to keep active and clean the house and do regular everyday things but make them a little bit more fun,” Merich said.

Twelve of the world’s most famous museums are offering free virtual tours during the pandemic.

Another popular Colorado family blog, Mile High Mamas, created a list of 50 fun activities to help keep your kids busy during the coronavirus outbreak.

Experts also suggest looking at this as an ‘unanticipated staycation’; perhaps start by having a family meeting where everyone can discuss what they want to accomplish during this time.

Bloggers also suggest you plan your days out, so you don’t find yourself bored. You should also schedule some alone time so you’re not spending every moment with your family.

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