AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Diane Chico and her neighbors huddled together at the Aurora hotel that has been their temporary home since Christmas, when a fire damaged their homes at the Shadow Tree Apartments.

“I feel lost, homesick,” said Chico, who has lived at the apartment complex for 12 years.

The residents contacted the FOX31 Problem Solvers after visiting the property and discovering some items had been stolen.

“My mom has a money jar. She’s an ice cream lady,” Antoinette Casi said, noting the jar probably had up to $2,500 in it.

Chico told FOX31 the families feel they are being targeted at a time when they are unlikely to recover.

“They’re heartless. They don’t care what we’re going through. They just want to add to our problems,” Chico said.

Video shows someone in an apartment

Residents shared a video with the Problem Solvers that shows a man with a flashlight moving in the shadows in one apartment on Saturday evening, Feb. 4. A report was filed with the Aurora Police Department.

FOX31 asked the management about what’s being done to protect the residents’ belongings. The staff confirmed that security staff has been hired, the report of theft has been noted and the property is being closely monitored.

Casi told FOX31 that the displaced residents fear they will not be able to cover increasing expenses.

“It’s hard to live day by day. We can’t cook,” she said.

A GoFundMe has been set up to provide support for the group of residents, who are doing their best to support one another.

“My granddaughter tells me every day, ‘Grandma, when can we go home?’ We can’t go. We don’t even have a home right now, so it’s heartbreaking,” Chico said tearfully.