DENVER (KDVR) — Thieves are hitting marijuana dispensaries in the metro area with a well-known shoplifting tactic.

The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division issued a warning to all legally operating businesses about recent shoplifting crimes occurring in the Denver area.

Nothing seemed strange when Peak Dispensary employee Jakob Henderson saw a customer ask to see several products at one time.

“It’s really where we build our clientele, is that we are able to show you,” Henderson said.

The suspect quickly grabbed the products when a counter attendant started pulling additional jars off the shelf.

“She turned around for a split second. He grabbed them and attempted to make his way out the door. At that point, I actually pursued him around the corner,” Henderson said.

Henderson told FOX31 the thief got away with more than $4,000 in marijuana.

Thefts rise at Denver cannabis stores

The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division said there is a definite increase in shoplifting at Denver-area shops this summer. Five crimes occurred within the past couple of weeks.

Investigators say the thief posed as a customer using a stolen Missouri identification card with the name “Isiah Devin Santonio Holcomb” and the number #160A158002.

Dispensaries are adopting new safety practices, like using a cart to show products instead of placing them on the counter.

“We can put it on the cart, keep it far away from arm’s reach. You actually have to jump over the counter to get it at this point,” Henderson said.

Using updated security measures also protects employees.

“This is someone’s livelihood, you know. They’ve spent years and years attempting to build the store. For people to just go out and take, I think it’s very selfish and foolish,” Henderson said.

Anyone with information about the crimes is urged to contact Denver Police.