Thieves caught on camera stealing local boy’s Halloween decor

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ARVADA, Colo. (KDVR) — An Arvada mom is in disbelief after thieves took off with her son’s favorite gift.  It happened Monday night outside of her home on Queen Street.

The Anchondo family kicks off the holiday season in October by decking out their home with Halloween decorations. Mom Cynthia’s 6-year-old son is in charge of lighting up the display every night and switching it off every morning. Tuesday, he noticed the main attraction was gone.

“He said, ‘Ooogie boogie is missing!’” Anchondo said.

Anchondo said it was an inflatable Oogie Boogie, a character from his favorite movie, “A Nightmare Before Christmas.”

She checked doorbell video to figure out why her son’s prized possession was suddenly gone, and it showed someone in a hood take it from her lawn just before midnight. There was also a second person who took off with a pumpkin.

“I was like, are you kidding? Someone really came and took an inflatable,” Anchondo said.

“It was only $100. It’s not a big thing, but it is a big thing to him,” said Anchondo, referencing her son.

She did not report it to police, but she did post the doorbell video on Nextdoor to warn her neighbors and to ask for help finding what has proven to be a hard-to-find replacement. She also got tips.

“I got recommendations with how to tie things down with zip ties or put something that’s hard to take off,” Anchondo said.

It is advice she said she will use because, after Sunday, the Anchondo family moves on to the next holiday tradition.

“Thanksgiving is coming, and Christmas is coming, and we always decorate for those. I don’t want it to happen again,” Anchondo said.  

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