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DENVER — U.S. Postal inspectors are sending out a warning to people in several Denver neighborhoods after blue mail collection boxes were broken into.

Most of the recent break-ins were in the central Denver area near Interstate 25 and University Boulevard.

Eric Adams said it’s “concerning” because he uses this box to mail rent checks and gifts.

The box is near Logan Street and I-25 and was recently forced open. The same thing happened in the 1300 block of South Inca Street.

The mailbox outside Benjamin Rodriguez’s granite and cabinet shop was damaged on Tuesday.

“It does worry me. What are they trying to get out of there?” Rodriguez said.

It turns out, all kinds of things.

“Especially checks you might be paying bill with or sensitive types of financial information,” U.S. Postal inspector Eric Manuel said. “They like to take that information and re-purpose it for identity theft and for their own financial gain.”

Manuel adds there’s been an increase in the number of mailbox break-ins.

He said many times, coordinated groups work together, but there also lone actors are behind the federal crime.

Postal inspectors say consider dropping off mail at a post office or hand letters to carriers.

Any suspicious activity should be reported to 877-876-2455 (option 2).