MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Two people have been arrested for a string of car break-ins at local trailheads.

On June 2, the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office assisted Monument Rangers near the Colorado National Monument with a traffic stop.

The officers pulled over two men who were identified as 28-year-old Armando Roman Vasquez of New York and 30-year-old Piero Boris Moras Sanchez of New York.

During the traffic stop, deputies recovered stolen property from recent car break-ins. Investigators determined the pair was responsible for breaking into locked cars and disabling alarm systems at multiple trailheads.

The men broke into cars at the Independence Monument Trailhead, Liberty Cap Trailhead, Coke Ovens Overlook, and Chipeta Golf Course.

The two men were also linked to surveillance footage of the duo using stolen credit cards from other recent thefts.


Roman Vasquez and Moras Sanchez were arrested on the following charges related to their string of thefts:

  • Two counts of theft from a motor vehicle    
  • Two counts of first-degree criminal trespass of auto  
  • Two counts of second-degree criminal trespass of a motor vehicle    
  • Fraud ID theft possesses info without permission
  • Two counts of fraud ID theft with intent to defraud     
  • Two counts of fraud ID theft uses info to obtain
  • Two counts of theft of $750 – $2000   
  • Two counts of theft of $300 – $750   
  • Theft of $1000-$2000 from motor vehicle    
  • Theft $2000 – $5000   
  • Criminal mischief – Less than $300
  • Criminal mischief     
  • Unauthorized use of financial transaction device     
  • ID Theft – possession with intent to use
  • Criminal attempt

Moras Sanchez was also arrested for an outstanding warrant out of Alabama for similar crimes.

Tips to keep your car safe at trailheads (Photo: Mesa County Sheriff’s Office)

Mesa County Sheriff’s Office is reminding the public to leave valuables at home before hitting the trails. Trailheads have seen a spike in thieves targeting cars while hikers are out enjoying the summer weather. The thieves will go as far as breaking windows and disabling alarm systems to steal valuables.