DENVER (KDVR) – A group of volunteers have started working for Safe Snow Routes to School to help clean up snowy and icy sidewalks around Denver. 

“Two days in a row and a day off, then two days in a row then a day off,” Bryan Wilson, one of the volunteers, said. 

Wilson said he brings around his shovels, but primarily works to help clear the paths in his neighborhood. He said people are often very appreciative, which makes the hours of shoveling worth it. 

“Usually the ‘thank you’s’ are sincere, which makes me think, ‘ok, I will go to the next one,'” Wilson said. 

He said the shoveling doesn’t just help students, but it helps cyclists, seniors and people with disabilities. 

“The sidewalks are the most hazardous when it freezes over then we get a little light snowfall over,” Wilson said. 

Wilson said right now, based on how much he’s been volunteering, it’s clear snowfall is above average.

And with below freezing temperatures for several days this month, the snow has been turning to ice and sticking around. 

“I got a little sick to my stomach seeing that forecast,” Wilson said about the negative temperatures that will hit Denver in the coming days.