DENVER (KDVR) — Friday marks another day in the 90s and another day many schools go without air conditioning.

There’s a potential for Friday to hit a record high of 100 degrees, which hasn’t happened once this summer.

Fifteen Denver Public Schools campuses will end class early on Friday and start the holiday weekend.

Early releases:

  1. Hamilton Middle School
  2. Stephen Knight Center for Early Education
  3. Asbury Elementary School
  4. Lake Middle School
  5. Skinner Middle School
  6. Park Hill Elementary School
  7. Stedman Elementary School
  8. McMeen Elementary School
  9. Polaris Elementary School
  10. Steele Elementary School
  11. Bryant-Webster Dual Language School
  12. University Park Elementary School
  13. Thomas Jefferson High School
  14. Cowell Elementary School
  15. Denver Center for International Studies at Baker

When in comes to campuses in DPS, only 24 of the 55 schools in need have gotten or are in line for new cooling mechanisms.

Still, when those 24 campuses get upgrades by the end of next year, another 31 will still lack air conditioning. The district said those 31 schools will be prioritized for cooling upgrades when funding is available.

The district decided which schools got priority after ranking them according to a temperature study. The ranking is based on a formula that includes an equity index, based on factors like levels of poverty, special education needs and English learners, and it’s combined with other factors like temperature and building use.