DENVER (KDVR) — The Denver Burger Battle just wrapped up and there are two new champions for best burger of 2022.

The event happened at the Tivoli Quad on Thursday night. There were 19 different burgers that battled it out to be named the best.

The winner of the people’s choice award was the 983 Big Cheesy burger from The Cherry Cricket. If you are hungry, you might want to skip reading the next part. This burger is smothered in American cheese and gooey mac, crispy poblano and crunchy Cheetos, and finished with sweet and savory bacon jalapeno jam.

The judges’ choice winner was the Peaches & Cream Burger from Stanley Beer Hall. This burger has Niman Ranch beef, creamed goat cheese, spiced peach ketchup, pepper jelly, and grilled Palisade peaches.

In 2021, The Cherry Cricket won the people’s choice award and Snarfburger was the judge’s choice winner.