DENVER (KDVR) — If you always see a crash on your way to work, this data might explain why. Over the past five years, the City and County of Denver has kept track of all the reported crashes and where they occur the most.

Drivers can view all of the Denver accident data on Google Maps. It shows car crash injuries, deaths and pedestrian deaths reported to the Denver Police Department within the past five years.

This data only includes injuries or deaths. The data does not record the number of car crashes, no matter how big or small, if they didn’t lead to an injury.

Looking through the data, many deadly crashes in Denver happened on busy stretches like Interstate 70, Federal Boulevard and Colorado Boulevard. The map also shows a handful of deadly crashes near Coors Field and around downtown.

As for pedestrian deaths, most of them occurred in the same spots. According to the data, the deaths either happened very close to or on I-70 near the stop lights. Many deaths were also reported along Federal Boulevard close to bus stops.

When it comes to car crash injuries, the locations range. In downtown, every bus stop has a car crash injury nearby, according to the crash data.

These crash locations are the approximate locations. While crashes occur all over Denver, a standout number of injuries and deaths come from I-70, Federal Boulevard, Colorado Boulevard and downtown Denver.