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DENVER (KDVR) — A ski destination in the Colorado high country is the number one town in the nation for biking, while two other college towns claim high marks.

On this list of the “Top 25 Most Bike-Friendly Cities,” Fort Collins claimed the 21st spot, Boulder took seventh, and the national leader was Crested Butte.

The study from Tower, a company that Mark Cuban invested in during an episode of Shark Tank, took factors into account like cities’ fatality rates, the percentage of recreational bike riders and the percentage of bike commuters.

The “Bike Network Analysis Score” (B.N.A.S.) is determining calculation that was invented for the purpose of quantifying the levels of stress felt while trying to get to places people typically wanted to go around town, as well as path and resource accessibility. To put the scoring system in perspective, Crested Butte carried a B.N.A.S. score of 88.1, meaning that it was a very friendly ride for cyclists throughout the city.

According to the study, the worst city in the country for cyclists is Los Angeles, with Houston drafting closely in its wake. None of Colorado’s towns made the “Bottom 25” list.