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Thermostat standoffs: Who is right?

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As the Mile High City braces for a blanket-dropping of winter, what was initially a proactive discussion on what temperature to set the Daybreak newsroom’s thermostat to has unspooled in Civil War-like fashion.   

An eyebrow-raising study breaks down who is right and who is completely ‘out-of-line’ when it comes to setting the thermostat at a reasonable and fiscally responsible temperature.  

According to the poll, it seems that 71% of the Daybreak viewers would rather sweat in their own homes while having their thermostat set to 68 Degrees or above. 

On the other end of the spectrum, 28% of viewers care about deodorant preservation and are aware of clothes-layering and prefer to keep the thermostat set to 67 degree or lower.  

The remaining 1% is of course set aside for the ‘Ken Clark Contingent’ responsible for keeping the throw blanket market afloat as well as his thermostat set permanently to “Off.” 

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