The Salvation Army now taking Venmo payments at its red kettles

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Red kettle for The Salvation Army in Denver, Colorado on Dec. 5, 2018
(Photo: Drew Engelbart)

DENVER (KDVR) — Do you have Venmo? It’s a question many of us ask when we don’t have cash.

Now The Salvation Army is taking Venmo payments at their red kettles this season.  

The iconic red kettle is a big part of how the organization raises much-needed funds.

Now when you hear the familiar sound of the bell ringing you don’t have to dig in your purse or underneath the car seat to gather spare change. 

Just pull out your phone and you can pay with Google Pay, Apple Pay right there at the kettle. New this year Venmo and PayPal options are now making it easy for willing donors young & old to give.  

“It’s definitely different from tradition, for sure. But it’s just so much it’s so helpful now and so we’re very excited. about it. And the bell ringers are really embracing that, and able to let people know. I’m that person, I’m like, I don’t have any cash-like, well, I’ve got this right here, you can scan this QR code, or just use your Apple Pay, Google Pay and you can pay right now and so it’s helpful for people like me, that don’t usually carry cash,” said Tori Jaworski the Public Relations Manager for the Salvation Army.

>> Click here to donate to their red kettle campaign.

The Salvation Army says this is certainly a benefit to get more people to give back and help people who are still struggling to stay in their homes from the pandemic.  

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