LARKSPUR, Colo. (KDVR) – If you are a lover of early English history, knights in shining armor, or just simply love to eat turkey legs while outdoors, then you’re in luck. 

This annual event held in Colorado is about the closest thing to actually being in the renaissance era.

“We like to say we picked the good things from the Renaissance and leave out all the plague, you know all of that stuff,” Queen Ann declared.

For almost half a century, the 35-acre wood in Larkspur has gone back in time to become the Colorado Renaissance Festival, bringing entertainment from all corners of the realm.

“His name is Bonkers. He is such a good doggie, part plywood part bass wood part dogwood. He’s a little bit of a mutt,” Gypsy Geoff said. 

Gypsy Geoff shakes a few bellies with his trusty pal made of pine, that pal being a wooden dog puppet.

After getting soaked with water from Gypsy Geoff’s performance, head over to Wilsome to dry off. Wilsome eats fire for a living.

“Fire is the only thing someone can actually eat that burns calories,” Wilsome the fire eater explained.

If that’s too hot for you, then head for the pool and parle with Aysun the Mermaid.

“I visit with our guests of all ages, children and adults alike. It is very fun to awaken an adult’s inner child,” Aysun said.

Aside from all the nonstop shows and the wide variety of food, you can also do a little shopping at the Colorado Renaissance Festival.

“You can buy everything from costumes and corsets to hand-carved pipes, to sculptures to we have a place that sells tiny fire pits,” Queen Ann said.

Lastly, make sure you bring plenty of schillings or you might lose your head, despite Queen Ann’s guarantee that there will be no beheadings present at this year’s festival.