JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — When it comes to trail courtesy, Jeffco Open Space receives a lot of complaints, but one issue continues to rise above the rest.

During a conversation on FOX31 NOW about how hikers, bikers and runners should be more considerate as they share trails this summer, Jeffco Open Space Ranger Mary Ann Bonnell shared that off-leash dogs outrank bikers for complaints.

“Our number one complaint is always off-leash dogs,” Bonnell said. “If you can leash your dog, you’re like 95% of the way there in making other people’s visit more safe and comfortable and pleasant.”

Bonnell said she always informers park-goers this is the number one complaint when writing up tickets.

“The very greatest thing you can do to reduce conflict on a trail is put your dog on a leash,” Bonnell said.