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LOVELAND, Colo. (KDVR) — The Blue Team Report for how the chain of command at the Loveland Police Department reviews any arrests involving use of force or injury was released on Tuesday from the arrest of 73-year-old Karen Garner in June 2020.

Garner was accused of stealing from a Walmart and then walking away. When officers caught up with her down the street they said she was resisting arrest.

An officer put Garner on the ground, causing several scrapes, and during the altercation her shoulder was dislocated.

Following a review, the Blue Team Report was approved by LPD Sergeant Philip Metzler, as well as several other high ranking members of the department.

Under the reviewer comments in the chain, Metzler approved the findings stating:

“I have reviewed all associated reports, photos and body worn camera video with this case in my review. I that this arrest and subsequent use of force was within policy and the minor force that was used was reasonable and appropriate for the situation. The Officers involved were not injured and the suspect received minor scrapes from being taken to the ground and cuffed. There was no damage to any city property during this arrest. I have attached Officer Hopp’s report and photos of the suspect were submitted with the Blue Team. This Blue Team is approved.”

The Blue Team Report was also sent to a team of the following people:

  • Lieutenant Richard B Arnold
  • Lieutenant Jan S. Burreson
  • Assistant Chief Ray Butler
  • Business Serv Technician Conny Hilgenfeld
  • Lieutenant Benjamin D. Hurr
  • Lieutenant Robert C. Shaffer
  • Deputy Chief Eric Stewart
  • Chief of Police Robert L. Ticer
  • Sergeant Amy D. Wheeler

After reviewing the Blue Team Report, Shaffer discussed the body worn camera, which he refers to as BWC.

“I concur with Sgt. Metzler’s assessments and findings, but I question why there isn’t BWC footage of the arrest and struggle. Otherwise, there is no further action or investigation necessary.”

The report continued in a chain message and was also sent to Butler, who responded, “I have reviewed the body worn camera footage, the report and photographs. The use of force was necessary, reasonable and within policy. No further action.”

Officer Austin Hopp, who arrested Garner, officer Daria Jalali who was also on the scene and officer Tyler Blackett resigned from LPD in April.