DENVER (KDVR) — Winter is coming … in a few months. The Farmers’ Almanac released the winter 2024 extended weather forecast and it predicts a cooler winter than last year.

The Farmers’ Almanac projects an overall chillier winter than usual due to the indication of an El Niño, which is unusually high water temperatures off the Pacific Coast of South America, according to the Almanac. While southern states are expected to have unseasonably cold temperatures and more storms, in Colorado, the Almanac anticipates a cold winter with average snowfall.

Pinpoint Weather Meteorologist Travis Michels said El Niño won’t change Colorado’s winter, but the winter may be wetter than normal.

While Michels expects the winter to be an average temperature, he predicts wetter conditions in the coming months due to the previous rain this year. According to Michels, Denver collected 17.7 inches of rain for the first half of the year. To put that into perspective, the 20th wettest year in Denver was 19.01 inches for the entire year.

If the precipitation continues, chances are this could be one of the top 10 wettest years on record in Colorado, Michels said.

“Temperatures should be very consistent to normal, but it might just be a little snowier than we normally see,” Michels said.