DENVER (KDVR) — A shop owner in Larimer Square got the surprise of a lifetime on Wednesday when “The Boss” walked in. Not her boss, “The Boss,” Bruce Springsteen.

Springsteen dropped by QINTI, located at 1426 Larimer St. Claudia Muller is the owner of the shop and sells Peruvian goods and accessories. The store has been in business for about 10 years and will be moving soon but staying in Larimer Square.

However, Wednesday wasn’t just a normal day for Muller downtown. She was taken by surprise when the one and only music superstar stopped in.

Muller said she didn’t believe it at first.

“I didn’t recognize him immediately. His friend was kind of smiling and I was looking another time, and then this sort of realization comes up like could this possibly be?” said Muller. “I asked the friend, is this who I think it is, and he just smiled. So I melted. I basically melted because we are tiny and for this to be happening here in a small shop in Larimer Square is one of the most unexpected things really.”

Muller said Springsteen purchased a few items from her shop and then posed for a few pictures.

Muller said Springsteen told her he was a fan of the Mile High City.

“I was very surprised by this, but he said, ‘oh I love Denver, I love the atmosphere, I love the feeling of the city.’ So that was good to hear,” said Muller.

As if the surprise appearance wasn’t enough, Springsteen invited Muller to his concert.

“I’m in my mid-60s and he’s been with me my entire life. It’s like Bruce Springsteen, who doesn’t know him in my generation? Who isn’t a fan? His music is powerful, it gives you so much,” said Muller.

Springsteen was in town for his concert with The E Street Band at Ball Arena on Thursday.