DENVER (KDVR) — A Westminster man was coming back from a golfing trip and landed at Denver International Airport when he discovered his clubs had been stolen from the baggage claim.  

That man, Robbie Elliot, decided to go on the offensive and do a little detective work. 

His flight home from Los Angeles was as smooth as a 15-foot putt for par, but when he went to pick up his clubs at baggage claim, he found himself in the rough.

“I was standing here waiting for my oversized luggage, my golf clubs, to come out of the oversized conveyor,” Elliott said.

But instead of Elliott grabbing his clubs, a caddy with criminal intent beat him to the bag, getting away with about $6,000 of gear.

Elliott is an engineer for a cyber security company and decided to do a little detective work himself.

He started with surveillance cameras.

“There is a camera right there and it’s looking right at this oversized baggage claim, right? So, I decided to get the camera footage from that camera and all the surrounding cameras in this area,” Elliott said. 

Elliott’s effort paid off when he saw an individual walking away with thousands of dollars of golf clubs and gear. 

Denver police have identified the suspect and issued a warrant for his arrest. For now, they are not releasing his name.

“When they did the Crime Stoppers for this guy there was six people that came forward and said their bags were stolen as well,” Elliott said.

Until the golf club crook gets caught, Elliott is going to have to play a few rounds of putt-putt to keep busy.