DENVER (KDVR) — After a “system error” prevented pumps from networking water out of the newly-constructed Central 70 segment in north Denver, the contractor will pay thousands of dollars to the Colorado Department of Transportation for the mistake.

The error prevented drainage pumps from turning on automatically, which caused massive floods and stranded at least 11 people in early August.

According to a spokeswoman for CDOT, Kiewit Meridiam Partners’ contract with the state requires the company to notify CDOT when a “non-conformance event” happens. These events are any occurrence when something doesn’t meet the requirements in the project agreement.

CDOT said it is going through a process to get all the facts surrounding the flooding and make sure that kind of error doesn’t happen again.

Once that review is finished, CDOT will have a better idea of how much the company will owe. While that number isn’t finalized, a spokeswoman said “at the very least we could be looking at tens of thousands.”

The Central 70 Project completely redeveloped a 10-mile stretch of Interstate 70 through Denver and removed an aging viaduct in the area. The cost of rebuilding the interstate through Denver is $1.2 billion.