ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Two teens explained how a deadly shooting at a house party in Adams County early Sunday morning unfolded.

“I looked back and they were all ducked down in the hallway and I said we’re not going to die here,” Cesar Carbajao, an 18-year-old who was at the party said.

Both the teens, still dressed in nun costumes from the party talked with FOX31 and Channel 2.

“All of a sudden I heard the pop pop pop,” Carbajao said.

Carbajao said once he heard the gunshots at the Halloween party he tried to escape through a window and then ended up hiding in a closet.

“I hid in the closet. I was in there for five to 10 minutes,” Carbajao said.

Once things seemed safe, Carbajao and his friend Cesar Ayala left out the front and from there waited until the police arrived. They both told FOX31 and Channel 2 that a bus from the Adams County Sheriff’s Office came and picked up the teens to take them into questioning.

“We ran out and it was a mess out there. I was running through the front and I was shocked I didn’t process it in time. I was walking outside and I passed a body,” Carbajao said.

Carbajao said they were held at the Sheriff’s Office substation from about 4 a.m. until noon on Sunday. That’s when they drove back past the scene with Ayala’s parents and ran into our FOX31/Channel 2 crew.

“Your mind just goes into survival mode. You don’t think about anything else but to just get out,” Carbajao said.

Ayala said the party seemed fine when they arrived around 11 Saturday night.

“They were checking for guns at the door. They were trying to prevent any of that,” Ayala said.

Investigators are still looking for the suspect involved in this shooting.