DENVER (KDVR) — The mother of a teen stabbed at a Denver hotel shelter for families said their family is now getting kicked out.

The stabbing happened Tuesday evening at a former Comfort Inn hotel near Interstate 70 and Quebec Street. Three people were hurt, including the teenage son of Jessica Watson.

“He got stabbed in his leg and his muscle was severed,” Watson told FOX31.

She said they were told they now have to leave the home they’ve known since February.

“On our way to go pick him up from being discharged, hotel staff, Salvation Army staff, all of them came out here and told us that we were being discharged whether we were victims or not,” Watson said.

Denver Police say the three people wounded, including Watson’s son, were stabbed on the second floor of the building. No arrests had been made as of Wednesday night.

Hotel shelter for families has rules against violence

The low-barrier shelter property is leased by Denver and staffed by the hotel, and Salvation Army provides case management services there, a Salvation Army spokesperson told FOX31.

FOX31 obtained rules for the shelter, which include no weapons, no violence and no threats of violence.

“They said anybody who partakes in violence, whether you’re a victim or not, is going to be put out,” Watson said.

A Salvation Army spokesperson confirmed there were people discharged from the shelter.

“I told them we don’t have nowhere to go, and my son’s getting out of the hospital,” Watson said.

She said another city agency agreed to put them up for the night, but after that, the family is unsure where they’ll go.

“We don’t know,” she said.