BROOMFIELD, Colo. (KDVR) — A mom and daughter duo in Broomfield is sharing video with FOX31 of a thief swiping an Amazon package right off their apartment doorstep.

“I saw the guy. I thought he was with Amazon but no, he walked up, looked around, grabbed the package and dipped out. He looked right at the camera,” the Broomfield mom said.

The mom and her daughter want to remain anonymous for safety reasons, but said they hope someone recognizes the man on their Ring doorbell video.

“I feel terrible, my daughter saved up her money for this. I bet he opened it up, saw it was a toy, then tossed it aside,” mom said.

Her daughter, who just turned 16 years old, has been saving up to buy this anime figurine for the past several months.

“I’ve wanted this anime for around two years now. It was my dream figurine for two years,” her daughter said.

She said the toy cost about $80 and took over a month to ship through Amazon, but it was stolen in a matter of minutes from it being delivered. The worry from mom is the suspect will strike again.

“It makes me worry as a single mom. Sometimes I’m at the office or at work and now every time I’m walking out, I’m thinking is this guy going to come back for more packages?” Mom said.

On the bright side, a complete stranger who lives in the Broomfield area saw mom’s post on social media. That stranger went ahead and ordered the figurine and hand delivered it to the family. Mom stated her daughter was able to see two different types of strangers.

“I’m glad someone was nice enough to send a replacement, especially after someone took it. Its like the good in the world compared to the bad,” her daughter said.

FOX31 reached out to Broomfield Police with the police report number from mom. We are waiting to hear back.