PARKER, Colo. (KDVR) —  It is Safe Driving Week at Legend High School in Parker. Centura’s Trauma Services team joined the school Monday with some unique demonstrations.

Students could put on drunk goggles that distorted their vision and try to maneuver a pedal cart through an obstacle course. Or they could put on the goggles and try to walk a straight line.

“I think drunk driving is a really big thing that we are hitting on,” said Millie Walkenhorst, a student leader.

She believes it’s important to raise awareness with prom and graduation right around the corner.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a third of alcohol-related teen traffic fatalities occurred during the prom season, from April to June.

“We just felt like this was a good time of year to show that we really do need to be staying safe, even when things get a little more hectic and more fun,” she said.

Seatbelts can save lives, advocates stress

The event had simulations and showed the dangers of distracted driving, including texting and driving, and not wearing a seatbelt.

The group Sammie’s Sunshine, set up in memory of Sammie Caflisch, was also there to remind students about the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

“I lost my childhood best friend, Sammie, in a car accident. She, unfortunately, decided not to wear her seatbelt one day and got ejected from the car and passed away from her injuries,” Ashlyn Pengilly said.

Planners hope all of it makes a difference and brings down the number of driving fatalities.

“This is really important because right now in Colorado, we have the highest fatalities that we’ve had in more than 20 years,” said Mindie Ottke, who works in Trauma Services at Parker Adventist Hospital.

“Right now, we have prom coming up very soon and so it’s a really good time to get that message across to make sure that our kids are driving safe,” Ottke said.

The Centura team will be joining STEM School Highlands Ranch for another event later in the week.