ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Pending litigation shows the short-term rental home where a deadly shooting happened early Sunday morning could also be linked to the death of another teen in a DUI crash last year.

One person was killed and two injured during that shooting, but this is at least the second time this home has been connected to a young person’s death after a party here filled with teenagers.

Daniel Carreon, 16, died after a party at the same location last year. His brother, Diego Carreon, described him, saying, “My brother was quiet, but he was confident. He had an infectious smile. A beautiful smile.”

His family says he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time and now they’re suing a young driver and the owners of the house on 70th Avenue and Broadway over his death.

Lawsuit: Teens fled party after gunshots

According to the lawsuit, Carreon and several others were at a party at that home on July 25, 2021. They believed they heard gunshots at one point in the night, so they took off in a car with 18-year-old Joseph Brandt at the wheel.

Investigators say Brandt was drunk and speeding before he crashed, killing Carreon and severely hurting several other minors. Carreon’s family and the crash survivors want Brandt and the homeowners held accountable.

The lawsuit states, “Joseph Brandt consumed alcohol and became intoxicated as a result of such consumption shortly before he drove under the influence and recklessly crashed his vehicle, killing and severely injuring the Plaintiffs/Minor Passengers.”

It continues, claiming, “As a result of Defendants’ knowingly providing Defendant Brandt, a person known to be under the age of twenty-one, a place to consume alcoholic beverage(s), Defendants were the direct and proximate cause of the collision that caused injuries, and ultimately death, to decent Hugo Daniel Carreon.”

Daniel’s stepmother, Sandra Carreon, said of the lawsuit, “It’s not just for us, it’s for the other passengers who were involved. You know the others had critical injuries. Unfortunately, we were the only ones who lost our son.”

Claims made under Colorado’s ‘social hosts’ law

The plaintiffs allege in the lawsuit that the homeowners were “social hosts” who are liable because they were negligent and knowingly enabled underage drinking.

“Defendants knowingly provided defendant Joseph Brandt and the minor passengers, persons under the age of 21, a place to consume (alcohol) and served alcoholic beverages, which was likely to create an unreasonable risk of harm to others,” the lawsuit alleges.

Daniel’s father, Hugo Carreon, said, “I’m disappointed how another incident happened at this particular house. I mean how many lives need to be taken for the police or justice to be done.”

Alleged underage drinking at this home is linked to the deaths of two teens. The similarities are something Carreon’s family doesn’t want people to forget, especially teenagers.

“Know who your friends are or who you spend your time with because sometimes you think they’re you’re friends, but in reality, they’re just hanging out with you to party and have a good time,” Diego said.