DENVER (KDVR) — While the invasion of Ukraine rages on, volunteers from the United States, including right here in Colorado, are taking part in the humanitarian effort.

Team Rubicon sends volunteers to disasters all around the country and one of their missions now is in war-torn Ukraine. A local first responder is answering the call to help, half a world away.

“I’ve always had a very strong desire to do something along the lines of helping people and I didn’t know exactly what that was,” said Emily Mudick, a local paramedic. Mudick said a health condition prevented her from joining the military.

Emily Mudick, seen here with her father, is a Colorado paramedic joining the humanitarian mission in Ukraine with Team Rubicon. (Credit: Emily Mudick)

Through Dr. Eric Hill, with Team Rubicon, she found a way to put her skills to work on the frontlines of the war in Ukraine.

“They can be everything from physicians, as well as nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants as well as paramedics,” Hill said.

Mudick has already been living her passion here at home.

“I work for a fire department here in Colorado,” Mudick said. “I switch off between working on an engine and an ambulance.”

Her passion calls her to an active warzone, but she’s assured her colleagues, friends and family that she won’t be too close to danger.

“A lot of people think I’m going over there to plug bullet wounds and to be in combat,” Mudick said.

Her work will have her treating people who need constant medical attention.

“All their medical needs that they have are not being met, all their hospitals are gone,” Hill said. She said guilt drove her.

“You see those images and it’s kind of like, they’re experiencing this right now while I’m OK,” Mudick said.

Despite how grim it is, it’s a moment she’s willing to meet.

“This an opportunity that, unfortunately, was presented in our lifetime, and I feel like I need to be apart of it,” Mudick said.

A thousand volunteers, including Mudick, have been sent to Ukraine for Team Rubicon to help those in need. Click here to donate to their mission.