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COMMERCE CITY, Colo. — Hundreds of teachers, administrators and school staff members attended a job fair for the School District 27J Saturday morning, interested in having a four-day school week.

Last month, 27J decided to start the four day week next fall to save money and attract and retain teachers.

“We need to be different and innovative and try to solve problems in a different way,” said 27J’s superintendent Chris Fiedler.

School District 27J has the lowest starting teacher salary for any metro area school district. Some beginning teachers make about $35,000 per year.

Fiedler and other administrators were hoping the four-day week would attract more applicants. And it did.

Last year, about 200 people attended the job fair. This year, more than 500 registered and 200 were put on a wait list.

Richard Diehl made it to the job fair, hoping to find a job as an assistant principal.

“I thought I was going to be on time,” he told FOX31. “Then I had to park clear down the way there.”

Diehl said he was drawn to 27J because of the four-day week and recommendations from the district’s current staff members.

When the new school year starts in the fall, class will be in session Tuesday through Friday.

The days will be a little longer, but students will still be in class the same number of hours as this year and as required by law.

Teachers will be required to be at school one Monday a month for four hours.

The district said the four-day week will save it about $1 million every year.