AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — In Aurora, people will soon no longer have to pay sales tax on diapers.

The Aurora City Council approved the exemption in a 6-3 vote on Monday night. It goes into effect on June 1 and applies to diapers for children and adults.

Councilmember Curtis Gardner sponsored the measure.

“After passing a sales tax exemption on menstrual products last year, I think this was an important companion ordinance to recognize that dignity products like tampons and diapers are medically necessary and shouldn’t be subject to sales tax collection,” Gardner said in a news release. “Families in Aurora continue to face significant affordability challenges in light of significant increases in inflation and these exemptions are ways we can make life more affordable for our residents.”

Colorado bill would exempt diapers, tampons from sales tax

Gardner, along with former Councilmember Allison Hilltz, also sponsored a 2021 ordinance that exempted menstrual products from the sales tax.

He said Aurora is now the first city in Colorado to exempt both menstrual products and diapers from the sales and use tax. Meanwhile, a bill that would do the same is advancing in the Colorado legislature. It passed the House and is now in committee in the Senate.