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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Tactical expert and former law officer, James Allbee, reviewed security camera video of a deadly shooting involving a teen and a former Greenwood Village police officer.

“Something like this is going to be much easier because we’ve actually got video and video is irrefutable in these types of situations,” Allbee said.

Investigators will break down video, more than anything else, in this case, according to Allbee.

Earlier this week, FOX31 reported on a confrontation between the former GVPD officer and a 17-year-old.

Aurora Police said the argument may have started over careless driving.

“They’re going to have to determine who it was that actually displayed and pointed the firearm first,” Allbee said.

The shooting happened Wednesday night near E-470 and Gun Club Road in southeast Aurora.

Neighbors who spoke with FOX31 said speeding is an issue that worries most people who live there.

“It’s not worth confronting anybody over it,” Allbee said.

This issue is one better left to police and definitely not something you want to handle on your own.

“At some point, you’ve just got to be like ‘you know what, I’ve got the license plate number, I’m going to back away and go ahead and let law enforcement handle this when they get the first opportunity to go over there and talk with the parents,” Allbee said.

Allbee explained what you should do if you found yourself in a similar situation.

“If you can retreat or back away, that’s always going to be your best course,”

Police have yet to identify the former police officer or the teenager who died in this incident. And no word yet on whether or not any charges will be filed in this case.