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CHAFFEE COUNTY, Colo. — The house of a missing woman in Chaffee County has been sold, nearly ten months after she disappeared.

Suzanne Morphew, 49, was reported missing on Mother’s Day – May 10, 2020. She had reportedly left her house alone for a bike ride and never returned. Her bike was recovered less than half a mile away later that the same day, her family has told FOX21 News.

The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office has not named any suspects or persons of interest, and no arrests have been made. Suzanne Morphew’s case is still classified as a missing person. In the weeks and months following Suzanne’s disappearance, law enforcement agencies executed two search warrants at the Maysville home, a judge has ordered those documents sealed.

The Morphew family home was put on the market in October and was sold Wednesday for $1,625,000. The 3-bedroom home, located on Puma Path in Maysville, was listed on Zillow and Redfin at $1,759,000. According to the assessor’s office, the home was sold to the Morphews for $1,575,000 in April of 2018, they were the second homeowners.

In addition to the Puma Path house selling, Barry Morphew, Suzanne’s husband also recently sold another property in Salida, Colorado. The land was a 2-acre vacant lot in Longhorn Ranch Subdivision which he purchased in June of 2020 for $165,000. In February of 2021, the property was sold for $150,000.

At the end of September Suzanne’s brother, Andy Moorman, led a 6-day search effort to find any evidence connected to his sister’s disappearance. Hundreds of volunteers searched 6,000 miles near the Puma Path house. The search concluded with no evidence linked to Suzanne’s case, according to the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office.

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Anyone with information that could assist law enforcement in locating Suzanne Morphew is encouraged to call 719-312-7530.

In the past, Morphew and family friends have promoted a $200,000 reward for information leading to Suzanne’s safe return – no questions asked. It is unclear if whether that offer still stands.