DENVER (KDVR) — FOX31 learned more details Friday afternoon after an SUV slammed into a liquor store, leaving a hole in the side of the building.

It happened around 2 p.m. at Mississippi Avenue and Quebec Street. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt, but the people inside were shaken up.

FOX31 learned the owner of the business sprang into action to help the driver.

“I mean, we ran out of the door,” Caroline Nichols said.

Nichols, her boss and her coworkers were inside Green Remedy Dispensary next door to Quebec Liquors when she heard a loud noise.

“We all feel the vibration of the building,” Nichols said.

“It felt like an earthquake hit,” said Van Storz, a budtender at Green Remedy. “All the lights went out and the building kind of shook.”

When they went outside, they saw an SUV inside the corner of the liquor store. Someone was trapped inside.

“One of our guys was in the military, so he went full military mode. As soon as the lights went off he ran out the door,” Storz said. “We heard someone was in the car and couldn’t come out, and he ripped the door off to get them out.”

Storz has been working for the dispensary for nearly a year. He was not surprised about the crash.

“Our first response was this has to be a car. Our first year of opening, we had a car hit the building. It didn’t hit nearly as hard,” he said.

He wants drivers to slow down to prevent something like this from happening again.

“Everyone is trying to go somewhere, be somewhere. It was bound to happen, but thank God everyone was OK this time,” Storz said.

FOX31 is still waiting to learn the cause of the crash. The Denver Police Department said it’s under investigation and has not said if any charges are pending.