DENVER (KDVR) — Another suspected swatting incident occurred around the state Wednesday with multiple school districts receiving threats, as of mid-morning.

The Aspen, Brighton and Boulder Valley school districts have reported supposed threats against schools in their areas. The threats have been reported to be similar to the ones received last week.

Brighton Police Department tweeted that there is a large police presence at Pennock Elementary on a reported threat of an active shooter. The department tweeted that it believes it “appears at this time to be another swatting incident.” So far, no threat has been found, according to BPD.

“We have received another threat call to the Aspen Schools. We believe this is a similar false call as was last week. All schools are secure and emergency personnel are on scene. Please do NOT respond to the schools at this time. All schools are believed to be safe.

“Law enforcement is present at Basalt schools, but business is as usual there,” a Pitkin County emergency alert said.

At 10:50 a.m., Pitkin County tweeted that there was no apparent threat and all schools were off secure status and back to business as usual. The county is keeping law enforcement on the schools’ campuses for precautionary reasons.

BVSD sent an email to parents explaining that Boulder High School and Boulder Preparatory High School were briefly put on a secure status after the University of Colorado non-emergency line received a “call exactly like what they received a week ago today.”

Police responded to the schools and searched the areas. When it was confirmed that the call was identical to the one last week and the campuses were deemed safe, the secure status was lifted and classes resumed as normal.

The swatting calls last week were also received around the same time on Wednesday.

Swatting calls across the country

Several schools across the state of Kansas reported receiving false reports of active school shooters on Wednesday morning, according to Nexstar’s FOX4 in Kansas City.

Authorities reported threats to several high schools and a community college around the state.

School districts in Buffalo, New York and across New Mexico reported swatting calls last week, as well. The calls turned out to be false threats and the schools were taken off secure status after the campuses were swept.

Multiple law enforcement agencies received numerous false reports of active shooters at public schools in southern Oregon last Tuesday.