COMMERCE CITY, Colo (KDVR) — Neighbors in Commerce City are still assessing the extensive damage caused by a suspected drunk driver. 

Thursday night, Commerce City Police said a driver hit a total of eight vehicles, struck a transformer box and crashed into the window of a home. 

Police said it started in the 5400 block of E 72nd Ave. when the driver attempted to weave around other vehicles while waiting for a train to pass, striking several of them. Then, police said he took off and hit a number of other parked cars and a transformer box. 

Police said the driver continued down E 71st Ave. where he crashed into the window of a home, sideswiped another vehicle and slammed into three other vehicles on E 70th Ave. Police said no one was hurt. 

Vinni Ratulowski said he was at home in the 7000 block of Grape St. when he heard what sounded like a crash. 

“I just heard two crashes and I ran out to see what happened and realized he’s pretty much ripped the whole front end of my car off,” Ratulowski said. 

Ratulowski said the driver tried to take off. 

“He was ready to keep going because he put his truck in reverse and tried to floor it backward, threw rocks all over the place and then when he realized he was stuck he hopped out of his truck and tried to take off running,” Ratulowski said. 

Ratulowski and several other witnesses intervened, keeping the driver in the area until Commerce City Police arrived and took him into custody.  

“People certainly could’ve been hurt, so we never recommend that you take it upon yourself to put your hands on someone,” Joanna Small, Commerce City Police Public Information Officer said. “But we also understand it’s a volatile situation.”

Police said they found several opened alcohol containers in the suspect’s vehicle.

The suspected drunk driver is now facing several charges including hit and run, obstructing a peace officer, DUI, violation of a protection order and reckless driving, according to Commerce City Police.